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Do you want to make healthy, positive and permanent changes to your body and lifestyle?

Changes that will make you feel good and look good? Changes that will give you the weight and physique you want?

Well…you’re not alone…

Millions and millions of men and women reach the same point at various times in their lives — sometimes more than once. They want to make positive changes in their health and how they look and feel. I know I did.

Perhaps the Customized Fat Loss Program developed by nutritionist and fitness expert Kyle Leon will give you permanent, effective solutions that work best for you — solutions you’re looking for right now…

Here’s important information I’ve gathered to help you evaluate Kyle Leon’s program so you can decide if it’s right for you…

Who is Kyle Leon?

Kyle Leon is a nutritionist and fitness expert.kyle Leon image

He and his team of experts combined their knowledge of fat loss techniques, nutrition and exercise to help people who are determined to shed extra body fat as quickly and reliably as possible.

People like you…

What is the Customized Fat Loss Program? How does it work?

The Customized Fat Loss Program goal is to enable you to create a lifelong fat burning metabolism.

You achieve this by giving your body exactly what it needs when it needs it so you can shed body fat without losing muscle.

This is definitely not a “one size fits all” generic solution to fat burning and weight loss.

The program focuses on your specific body type to enable you to boost your metabolism, lose stubborn fat and maintain lean muscle through customized nutrition, diet and exercise.

With this plan you eat according to…

  • Your age…
  • Your body type…

You receive clear information to identify your exact physical characteristics that determine your body type.

Then the program gives you a tailored diet of healthy, fat burning foods to match your body type, age, weight, height, exercise habits and metabolism.

The program also gives you lots of information about common mistakes people make — and how to avoid them — when it comes to weight reduction.

Who can benefit from this program?

The program is right for men and women who are serious about making a change in their body and lifestyle — regardless of your gender, age or fitness level.

What results can you expect?

Kyle Leon states that clients who have followed his Customized Fat Loss Program have lost as much as 70 pounds in 12 weeks.

And the weight they lost stayed off when they continued to follow this fat-loss program.

Is exercise part of the program?

You can increase the program’s effectiveness and your body’s ability to burn fat most efficiently by exercising appropriately.she lost weight

Kyle Leon stresses that any exercise program that doesn’t include customized physical training based on your specific body type will not maximize your fat loss.

This program gives you customized exercises along with more advanced techniques you can use to break through any fat-loss plateau.

And if you’re enthusiastic about exercise, you can apply your energy beyond the program’s customized workout recommendations to burn fat even quicker.

What foods does the program recommend?

How wide is the variety?

The program gives you a database of almost 1400 different foods from which you can select your favorites to meet your daily nutritional requirements and quickly shed fat.

You get three nutritional meal plans — designed specifically for you — to choose from every day. And, if you like, you can build your own meal plan or make food substitutions to your custom diet.

This is not a limited fad diet or crash diet that keeps you hungry all the time.

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What bonuses do you receive?

In addition to the overall Customized Fat Loss Program, you’ll receive these six bonuses…

  •  The “Peak in a Week” fast start program designed to get you moving quickly and to look leaner and more muscular in just seven days…
  • Unlimited fat loss program upgrades as they are developed…
  • Extensive supplemental nutrition information and access to nutrition products…
  • Your personalized fat loss exercise and training guide…
  • Diet and food guides to dining out, foods never to eat, and “cheat” foods that burn fat…
  • Access to an extensive video library of exercise demonstrations…

In addition to the six bonuses, if — for any reason — you are not satisfied with the program, you also receive a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

Customer service

If you have questions at any point in the program, Customer Service is available to give you the answers and guidance you need.

Customer commentsCustomized Fat LossClient Photos

Here’s what a just few people who put their faith in the Customized Fat Loss Program have said about how it benefited them…

Dave T.

I was always embarrassed about my chest and belly fat until I lost 71 pounds in less than four months and replaced it with lean muscle. I did it by applying the program’s nutrition plan developed just  for me.

Jackie C.

My depression and poor self-image are long gone along with 41 pounds of poisonous fat that was toxic to my self-confidence.

John T.

My love for good food and nights on the town ultimately gave me a physique I didn’t like one bit. Getting on track to a healthy body that I’m proud of came naturally when I “got with the program.”

Eric J.

After years of battling those annoying extra pounds, Customized Fat Loss got me up to speed and kept me motivated.  I could actually see results and feel completely satisfied. I wasn’t hungry.

Scott W.

Staying home and sitting on the couch finally got the better of me.  I needed a reliable way to get rid of my flabby belly and low energy, which the natural techniques in this system gave me.

Rachel G.

The way I look today is the result of only one thing — a plan of action that worked. This program gave me simple and effective techniques for losing weight and keeping it off.

I feel and look like I did when I was a teenager.

Common threads connecting these customer comments

The common threads linking these people are the program’s ease and effectiveness.  They’re  enthusiastic.

The program helped them maintain their motivation by giving them quick results.

Customized Fat Loss disadvantages and advantages 


  • You need motivation and will power to get going with this program. But from the very beginning and certainly when you start seeing results, your motivation should increase…
  • The program gives you lots of useful information that could — at first — seem like quite a bit…

But you also get step-by-step instructions that enable you to apply the information quickly and effectively…


  •  This customized program matches your body type, weight, age, physical condition and metabolism to meet your needs exactly…
  •  The quick start guide helps you to get going right away…
  • You receive lots of essential information that’s easy to understand and easy to follow and apply…
  • You get many choices when it comes to substituting foods in your personal fat burning diet to suit your tastes…
  • You get six bonuses that accompany the main program…
  • Convenience…You can download all program elements from the Internet immediately after you sign up…
  • If you have questions, Customer Service is available to provide the answers you need…
  • You receive a 100% money back guarantee…

Program price and purchasing details

Customized Fat Loss product image resized

  • Price — one single payment of $47 total.
  • Billing — one safe credit card transaction.
  • Guarantee — You’re protected by a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Obtaining the main program — You can download the entire program and all bonuses immediately onto your computer.
  • Obtaining your customized diet — After you fill out a brief questionnaire to provide basic information such as your height, weight, age and body type, you’ll receive your customized diet and exercise plans.
  • Final verdict…

Is the Customized Fat Loss Program an effective, well-designed weight loss system?

Yes…for the following reasons…

  • Certified nutritionist Kyle Leon created this extensive fat burning program based on proper diet, exercise and “metabolism boosting.” It’s designed to enable dedicated individuals to burn fat, lose weight and keep it off while improving their health and fitness…
  • Customized Fat Loss gives you your own diet plan that you can vary with 1,400 foods to satisfy your personal preferences while you continue to lose fat….
  • Your personalized diet and exercise routine are developed professionally based on your specific weight-loss needs and body type…
  • The program gives you numerous bonuses to help you succeed, and you’re protected by a 100% money back guarantee…

Click Here To Make Positive, Healthy Improvements To Your Body And Lifestyle With Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Program

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